For You

  • Global corporation employees

    Global corporation employees

    I want to improve my relationship with my colleagues and clients by speaking to them in Japanese.

  • International school teachers

    International school teachers

    I want to communicate with my students and their guardians in Japanese.

  • Foreign visitors

    Foreign visitors

    I want to socialize with the Japanese I meet by speaking Japanese.


To acquire basic Japanese conversational skills to socialize with Japanese people within 50 hours.

Why you choose Akira

  • reason_01
    Reason 1

    Speed learning syllabus 1


    In general, it is said that mastering basic Japanese takes around 200 to 300 hours. However, at Akira, we’ve managed to condense the required learning time to 50 hours by only focusing on conversation and frequently used phrases and grammar patterns.

  • reason_02
    Reason 2

    Speed learning syllabus 2


    Our syllabus is based on a romantic drama featuring a non-Japanese woman as the main character. Through this second-hand experience of getting to know a Japanese person by speaking Japanese, the process of learning itself becomes enjoyable, rather than a chore.

  • reason_03
    Reason 3

    Flipped learning


    At Akira, we practice a new style of teaching known as flipped learning. By preparing for the lessons and understanding the sentence patterns and grammar based on the materials provided beforehand, you are then able to focus on hands-on conversation practice during the lessons.

  • reason_04
    Reason 4

    Digital learning materials


    At Akira, all our learning materials are in digital form. Everything from the summary of the preparation materials, classroom materials to the drama can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or PC. All lessons may be recorded (audio / video*) for efficient revision. *Only for the Online Premium Course

  • reason_05
    Reason 5

    The teachers


    Our teachers suggest real life examples of phrases and dialogs you’ll want to use immediately, and our lessons are designed for maximum speaking practice to enable you proceed from just “understanding” to really “conversing” in Japanese. In order to further develop this teaching style, we only hire certified native Japanese teachers at Akira.

Hanna's case × Online Premium Course

  • Step1

    Preparation (50min)

    Understanding sentence patterns, grammar and conversation scenes through the drama and preparatory materials provided in English.

  • Step2

    Practice (50min)

    Focused training on conversational skills through pronunciation and dialog practice.

  • Step3

    Revision (50min)

    Repetitive practice to memorize conversation skills learned in the recorded lesson.

  • Step4

    Hands-on practice

    Using the conversational skills learned in the workplace / everyday life / travels.

  • Step5

    After 50 hours

    Forming friendships with Japanese people through conversations in Japanese.


By picking up phrases that frequently occur in everyday conversations,
we’ve created a syllabus based on a drama that is easy to follow.
Have fun learning new words and phrases along with our main character as she gets to know Japanese through conversations in Japanese.



The main character is Yoo-san, a Taiwanese who has come to Japan to teach English.
She meets a Japanese man, Kaneko-san at the sharehouse they live in and gradually starts to have feelings for him.What turn will their relationship take?

Part A

Lesson 01"Nice to meet you!"
  • Phrase1 — What’s your name?
  • Phrase2 — Where are you from?
  • Phrase3 — What’s your job?
  • Phrase4 — What’s your hobby?
  • Phrase5 — What kind of N (noun) do you like?
  • Phrase6 — I like N too.
Lesson 02"Let’s go to a karaoke!"
  • Phrase1 — I do V (verb) at N (place).
  • Phrase2 — Let’s do V.
  • Phrase3 — How about N?
  • Phrase4 — Let’s do V at N.
Lesson 03"Where are you Kaneko-san?"
  • Phrase1 — Where is N?
  • Phrase2 — What will you have?
  • Phrase3 — Could I have N?
Lesson 04"Please sing a song together!”
  • Phrase1 — Please do V something.
  • Phrase2 — I understand N.
Lesson 05"Have you ever been to Yoyogi Park?"
  • Phrase1 — (Phrases used in casual conversation)
  • Phrase2 — (Adverbs of degree & I-adjectives)
  • Phrase3 — (Final Particles)
  • Phrase4 — Have you ever done N before?
Lesson 06"I’d like to see cherry blossoms too!"
  • Phrase1 — (Na-adjectives)
  • Phrase2 — I want to do V.
  • Phrase3 — (During N)
  • Phrase4 — I do V1 and V2.
  • Phrase5 — (Imagining a situation)
Lesson 07"Could I hold your hand?"
  • Phrase1 — Could you do V for me?
  • Phrase2 — Could I do V?
  • Phrase3 — How much is this?
  • Phrase4 — Would you like to try to do V?
  • Phrase5 — Could I try to do V?
Lesson 08"Do you drink Yoo-san?"
  • Phrase1 — (Potential form)
  • Phrase2 — (Expressions of giving & receiving)
  • Phrase3 — I’ll do V and come.
  • Phrase4 — (Asking the time)
  • Phrase5 — (Fixing a time)
  • Phrase6 — I have to do V.
Lesson 09"Cheers!"
  • Phrase1 — Let’s do V.
  • Phrase2 — I do V1, V2 and V3.
  • Phrase3 — (Cause and effect)
Lesson 10"Why did you come to Japan?"
  • Phrase1 — (Placing emphasis on explanations)
  • Phrase2 — (Using multiple adjectives)
  • Phrase3 — (Noun modification)

Part B

Lesson 11"A sudden message from ex-boyfriend"
  • Coming Soon!
Lesson 12"Girls' Night Out"
  • Coming Soon!
Lesson 13"You should try meeting him again!"
  • Coming Soon!
Lesson 14"Meeting him again"
  • Coming Soon!
Lesson 15"It`s over."
  • Coming Soon!
Lesson 16"I want to meet you Yoo-san!"
  • Coming Soon!
Lesson 17"I’ve got something to tell you."
  • Coming Soon!
Lesson 18"Would you go out with me?"
  • Coming Soon!
Lesson 19General Exercises 1
Lesson 20General Exercises 2

Certified Native Teachers

  • Akira FUJISAKI

    Akira FUJISAKI

    Certified teacher

    Hi,this is Akira! In my class, I suggest many many scenes you'd like to speak in Japanese to make friends with Japanese. I'd like to be a supporter for you and I hope that you will live a more fullfilling life in TOKYO. When I meet you, please tell me what you want to speak in Japanese. See you soon!

  • Hitomi WATANABE

    Hitomi WATANABE

    Certified teacher

    Hi,I'm Hitom. I've been teaching Japanese in Australia and Vietnam for 2 years. My research interest is communication. I make much of getting communication skills in my classes. The important thing about communication is to put your feelings into YOUR JAPANESE! I’m looking forward to seeing you in my class!

  • Kyoko Shiomi

    Kyoko SHIOMI

    Certified teacher

    Hello, my name is Kyoko Shiomi.I have a career in teaching private lessons especially. So I'm good at customizing a lesson to what you'd like to speak efficiently. It is said that learning languages broaden your mind. When you finish my class, you will find another TOKYO through Japanese with fun. Are you ready?

  • Rena Naganuma

    Rena Naganuma

    Certified teacher

    Hi, I’m Rena! I was teaching Japanese in Australia for 2 years, not only speaking but also the grammar structure. I believe that it’s the most important to apply what you leaned to real situations. In my class, you will learn practical Japanese that you can use next day! Would you like to enjoy your TOKYO life with us?

  • Fumie Hara

    Fumie Hara

    Certified teacher

    Hello, My name is Fumie Hara, and I'm a professional Japanese language instructor who has taught Japanese to students from over 40 different countries. My lessons can be tailored to meet your specific needs. I will be happy to make your Tokyo experience more fun, and more rewarding. See you in my class!


Online Premium Course

Online Premium Course
  • those who want customizable lessons
  • those who want to learn at their own pace
  • those who want to use their time efficiently
Level Basic
Estimated required time 50 hours(Preparation : 50 minutes + Lesson : 50 minutes + Revision : 50 minutes) x 20
Lesson style Private (1-on-1)
Lesson time 50 minutes
Number of lessons 20 lessons
Customizable Yes
Schedule Whenever you like
Time Any 50 minutes between 7:00a.m. to 11:00p.m everyday
Venue Online Class Skype
Recording Video recording allowed
Fees ¥97,200 + tax (inclusive of material fees)
Payment PayPal
Note Lesson 1 and 2 are provided as free trial lessons

Offline Friendly Course

Offline Friendly Course
  • those who want a feeling of conversing with others
  • those who want to study with classmates
  • those who want scheduled lessons to enforce learning
Level Basic
Estimated required time 70 hours(Preparation : 50 minutes + Lesson : 80 minutes + Revision : 80 minutes) x 20
Lesson style Small class (2 to 4 students)
Lesson time 80 minutes (2 sets of 40 minutes)
Number of lessons 20 lessons
Customizable No
Schedule Unconfirmed; held on days when at least 2 students are able to attend
Time 7:15p.m. to 8:45p.m
Venue Offline Class Azubu-Juban
Recording Audio recording allowed
Fees ¥86,400 + tax (inclusive of material fees)
Payment PayPal
Note Lesson 1 and 2 are provided as free trial lessons

Free Trial

Online Premium Course

Lesson style Private (1-on-1)
Lesson time 50 minutes
Number of lessons 2 lessons
Customizable Yes
Schedule Whenever you like
Time Any 50 minutes between 11a.m. to 11p.m. everyday
Venue Online Class SKYPE
Recording Video recording allowed
Fees Free
Note Lesson 1 and 2 are provided as free trial lessons

Offline Friendly Course

Lesson style Small class (2 to 4 students)
Lesson time 80 minutes (2 sets of 40 minutes)
Number of lessons 2 lessons
Customizable No
Schedule Unconfirmed; held when at all students are able to attend
Time Wednesday or Sunday; 7:15pm to 8:45pm
Venue Offline Class AZABU-JUBAN
Recording Audio recording allowed
Fees Free
Note Lesson 1 and 2 are provided as free trial lessons


Akira Online Japanese School TOKYO is located in Minato-ku, Central Tokyo.
It’s only a one-minute walk away from Azabu-Juban Station.

  • Akira Online Japanese School TOKYO

    Operating Company Fujisaki, LLC
    Venue 1-2-7-701, Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045
    (Hours : Mon-Fri 10 am-6 pm) 


About the lessons

Q I have never studied Japanese before, but can I still take these lessons?
Yes, you can. Our syllabus is created so that our students can learn Japanese without any prior knowledge of the language.
Q I can’t read Japanese (hiragana, katakana or kanji).
Not to worry; all our materials are written in English and Romanized Japanese for pronunciation practice.
Q What kind of materials are used?
Akira uses original materials specialized for conversation. The level of Japanese is similar to Beginner Level 1 and 2 of the textbooks “Minna no Nihongo”, and level N4~N5 of JLPT.
Q Can I attend lessons without preparing for them?
For efficient learning, beforehand preparation is required in order to follow the lessons. The preparatory materials are explained in English for easy understanding, so please go through them before attending lessons.
Q Are the lessons conducted in Japanese? I’m worried if I’ll be able to follow them.
The lessons are conducted in Japanese, but as long as you understand the content of the preparatory materials in English there should be no problem. You can also ask our teachers questions in English as well.
Q I want to practice speaking more, so can I take extra lessons?
Yes, private online lessons are available for those who want more practice. Please contact us for more information.
Q I want to take the next level of this course. When will it be available?
We plan to release the next level in the fall of 2019.

About the lessons 1(Online Premium Course)

Q How are the lessons conducted?
We use the free video chat application “Skype”.
Q How do I book my lessons?
When applying for the free trial lessons, please tell us your preferred days and times for lessons so we can assign an available teacher. Once the course starts, you can arrange your schedule with your teacher after the lesson.
Q Can I cancel a lesson I already booked if I am unable to attend?
Yes, but please notify us by email 24 hours before that lesson starts. Should you notify us later than that, we reserve the right to treat that lesson as taken.
Q Can I choose my teachers?
You may choose up to 2 teachers for the free trial lessons. (e.g.)Lesson1:Mr. A, Lesson2:Ms. B When applying for the full course, please tell us which teacher you prefer.
Q Can I change teachers?
Yes, you can.
Q Can Akira record my lessons for me?
Sorry, we leave the recording of lessons to the students themselves. Please use Skype’s record function.

About the lessons 2 (Offline Friendly Course)

Q Where are the lessons held?
At a classroom in Azabu Juban, Minato Ward, Tokyo.
Q If I am unable to attend a particular lesson, can I substitute it with another one?
There are no substitute lessons, but after the lesson we will send you the recorded audio data of that lesson.
Q Can I attend lessons halfway through the course?
Yes, provided there is a vacancy in the class. You can also attend the free trial lessons, so please contact us for more information.
Q How much do I have to pay if I start attending the course halfway?
Free trial lessons aside, the fees are calculated based on the number of classes you attend (from the first lesson you attend to the final lesson in the course). Please contact us for more information.

About payment of fees

Q When should I pay my tuition fees?
Payment is done in advance. We will send you an invoice should you wish to continue taking the course after the free trial lessons.
Q Other than the tuition fees, do I have to pay any additional fees, such as material or enrollment fees?
At Akira, you only have to pay the tuition fees which include the material fees. There are no extra charges, so rest assured.
Q How can I pay my tuition fees?
Payment can be done via PayPal.
Q Can I pay in installments?
After paying via PayPal, you may request that your credit card company pay by installments.
Q After paying my fees, is there a time limit on when I can take my lessons?
Yes, there is. After your payment has been finalized, you are required to take all your lessons within a span of 12 months.

System requirements(Online Premium Course)

Q What kind of devices do I need to take lessons?
A computer, headset and web camera are required.
Q What kind of specifications does my computer need?
The required computer specifications are listed below.

OS1:Windows 10 or Windows 7
OS2:Mac OS X 10.10 and above
CPU:Corei5 and above
Memory:8GB and above
Storage:128GB and above
Q What kind of applications do I need?
Skype, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft PowerPoint. Mac users can use Key Note to view the materials created in Microsoft PowerPoint.
Q What kind of internet connection do I need?
Speed-wise, a connection of about 1Mbps and above is required. We recommend a wired network for stable connections.
Q Can I use a laptop with a built-in microphone?
At Akira, we recommended using a proper headset. Built-in microphones may result in echoes which may hinder the lesson.
Q Can I take the lessons on my smartphone or tablet?
At Akira, we recommend using a computer for our online lessons.

Monitors’ voices

Online Premium Course

  • Hanna



    Materials, fun and appealing videos and high quality PPT slides!

  • David



    The drama engages the learner and makes learning easier!

  • Wara



    Lively lesson, the teacher "sensei" is a very active person!

Offline Friendly Course

  • Elise



    It’s really good for those who want to learn Japanese for everyday conversations!

  • Shubham



    It was good that we could look at the material beforehand!

  • Lara



    The group work was fun and the classroom is very nice. :)


Conversing with Japanese in Japanese is really fun!
Let's effectively learn Japanese the fun way with Akira!


Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information.




Our brand name, "Akira", carries the meaning of “sunlight” in Japanese.
Therefore, like our namesake, we’d like to brighten your life in TOKYO
by helping you with your conversations in Japanese.

CEO, Akira Fujisaki


I graduated of the University of Tokyo, majoring in education.
Upon graduation, I initially pursued a career in marketing.

However, seven years ago,
I came across "education in Japanese" and
decided to focus once more on education.

I hope to support you in learning Japanese.