Why Akira's Online Private Lessons?

  • Reason 1
    Japanese lessons with a strategic curriculum

    Strategic Curriculum

    The most important point of learning Japanese is to clarify your goals and plan a strategy. After interview, level check and free trial we suggest a personalized curriculum. Let us know what you' d like to be able to do and by when.

  • Reason 2
    Japanese lessons with a scientific approach

    SLA-based lessons

    Through Akira’s Scientific Method based on Second Language Acquisition Research (SLA), we help coordinate your Japanese language learning while ensuring your efficient acquisition of Japanese communication skills.

  • Reason 3
    Japanese lessons centered on output training

    Flipped learning

    At Akira, we practice a new style of learning known as “flipped learning”. By understanding the sentence patterns and grammar beforehand, you are then able to focus on practising your conversational skills during class.

What is SLA?

SLA(Second Language Acquisition Research)is the science of clarifying the mechanism of how one acquires knowledge of a language other than one's mother tongue through neuroscience, psychology, and linguistics. At Akira, we explain to you what your problem is and how we solve it according to SLA to effectively develop your Japanese skills. It' s important for learners to understand why we choose this training method.

  • The Mechanism of Listening
    Mechanism of listening to Japanese language
  • The Mechanism of Speaking
    Mechanism of speaking Japanese language

Learning Style

Hanna’s Case

  • Step 1
    Prep before Japanese lessons online


    Understanding sentence patterns and grammar beforehand using exercises coupled with the English version of the “Minna no Nihongo” textbook.

  • Step 2
    1 on 1 Japanese lessons online

    1 on 1 Practice

    Focused training on conversational skills through composition and speech practice, and dialog practice in pairs.

  • Step 3
    Review after Japanese lessons online


    Establishing conversational skills through the recorded lessons.

  • Step 4
    Practice what you have learned in Japanese lessons online

    Hands-on practice

    Putting the conversational skills learned to use in the workplace.

  • Step 5
    Acquisition of socializing skills in Japanese

    Socializing in Japanese

    Experiencing the effects of SLA-based training first hand through conversations in Japanese.

Online Lesson Videos

Cory’s Case

Cory-san who is a beginning learner is taking lessons with Rena-sensei. Today's goal is to be able to request someone to do something. Let's improve your Japanese efficiently with Akira!

Certified Native Teachers

All our teachers are real professionals who solve your problems and improve your skills faster and more efficiently. To keep and improve the quality of lessons, we only recruit certified teachers who passed a recruitment exam with top grades and provide training based on the SLA-method before starting to offer lessons and every once a quarter. We will meet your expectations of whom wish to learn seriously.

  • Certificate Japanese language teacher, Tomone ENOKIDO

    Tomone ENOKIDO

    Certified teacher

    Hello, I'm Tomone. I have been a certified Japanese teacher for 3 years, and taught students from various backgrounds and levels. Due to my experience, I have the answer to almost any question that you might have about Japanese. Whatever your goals are, let me help you to achieve them faster and more effectively.

  • Certificate Japanese language teacher, Yoko HATTORI

    Yoko HATTORI

    Certified teacher

    I graduated with a B.A. in Hindi and Area studies from university, and since then, I have worked in the field of English education. So, I am well aware of the obstacles one may encounter when learning a second language. I hope to help you overcome them and achieve your goal of enjoying Japan to the fullest!

  • Certificate Japanese language teacher, Daigo FUJINAMI

    Daigo FUJINAMI

    Certified teacher

    Hi, I'm Daigo Fujinami. I've been teaching Japanese to foreigners from various backgrounds and levels since 2008 in UK, west Africa and Japan. I can introduce you the best way to acquire Japanese language along with your purpose. I will be happy if I can support your Japanese learning and achieving your goal.

  • Certificate Japanese language teacher, Yuka TANI

    Yuka TANI

    Certified teacher

    Hello, everyone. I'm Yuka. I got my master’s degree in medical science and have some experience in the pharmaceutical industry and research fields. I started teaching Japanese online in 2020. I have been passionate about learning languages for a long time. I would be happy to help you to achieve your goals.

  • Certificate Japanese language teacher, Haruka TANG

    Haruka TANG

    Certified teacher

    Hello, I'm Haruka. I'm a very cheerful Japanese teacher, married to a Malaysian, and living in Malaysia. I hold an MSc in Education from the University of Edinburgh. Currently, I teach Japanese to university students, and my passion for anime enriches my teaching. I'm here to support your learning journey!

  • Certificate Japanese language teacher, Keiko HIRANO

    Keiko HIRANO

    Certified teacher

    Hi, I'm Keiko. I've had the pleasure of teaching Japanese to a diverse range of international students and I have a background in business planning and PR in Japan. Travel, food and sports are my passions. My teaching style is warm and friendly, tailored to your goals. Let's enjoy learning together!

  • Certificate Japanese language teacher, Manami NUMAKURA

    Manami NUMAKURA

    Certified teacher

    Hi, I'm from Tohoku and have lived in Osaka, Tokyo, Canada, the UK and currently live in Okinawa to enjoy marine sports! I have 10+ years experience working for a global consulting firm and a Japanese major manufacturing company, so I would be happy to help you learning Japanese/culture especially in business situation.

  • Certificate Japanese language teacher, Naoko TSUJIMOTO


    Certified teacher

    Hi, I'm Naoko. From my experience of living abroad, I understand the challenges of learning languages and the satisfaction that comes with being able to use them effectively. I have been teaching Japanese online since 2021. I aim to support you in reaching your goals and share the joy of achieving them together!!

  • Certificate Japanese language teacher, Yuka MAKINO

    Yuka MAKINO

    Certified teacher

    Hi. I'm Yuka. I have been working as a Japanese teacher since 2020. I also have supported foreign students as a host mother for over 10 years in my private life. I am especially good at helping beginners. I can understand your feelings and help you to achieve your goals. Let's enjoy learning Japanese together!!

Monthly Plan

One teacher in charge provides lessons on a set day and time, according to a monthly plan depending on the level at which you're and the number of lessons you're going to take per week/month. The tuition fee is paid in advance every month.

  • N4/N5
  • N2/N3
  • N1


  • Number of lessons (per week) 4 (1)
  • Total price (with tax) 31,100 JPY (34,210 JPY)
  • Price per lesson (with tax) 7,775 JPY (8,553 JPY)



  • Number of lessons (per week) 8 (2)
  • Total price (with tax) 61,200 JPY (67,320 JPY)
  • Price per lesson (with tax) 7,650 JPY (8,415 JPY)


  • Number of lessons (per week) 12 (3)
  • Total price (with tax) 90,300 JPY (99,330 JPY)
  • Price per lesson (with tax) 7,525 JPY (8,278 JPY)


  • Number of lessons (per week) 4 (1)
  • Total price (with tax) 34,100 JPY (37,510 JPY)
  • Price per lesson (with tax) 8,525 JPY (9,378 JPY)



  • Number of lessons (per week) 8 (2)
  • Total price (with tax) 67,200 JPY (73,920 JPY)
  • Price per lesson (with tax) 8,400 JPY (9,240 JPY)


  • Number of lessons (per week) 12 (3)
  • Total price (with tax) 99,300 JPY (109,230 JPY)
  • Price per lesson (with tax) 8,275 JPY (9,103 JPY)


  • Number of lessons (per week) 4 (1)
  • Total price (with tax) 37,100 JPY (40,810 JPY)
  • Price per lesson (with tax) 9,275 JPY (10,203 JPY)



  • Number of lessons (per week) 8 (2)
  • Total price (with tax) 73,200 JPY (80,520 JPY)
  • Price per lesson (with tax) 9,150 JPY (10,065 JPY)


  • Number of lessons (per week) 12 (3)
  • Total price (with tax) 108,300 JPY (119,130 JPY)
  • Price per lesson (with tax) 9,025 JPY (9,928 JPY)

*Planning fee, 19,000 JPY (20,900 JPY [with Tax]), will be charged only for the first time

Hours Monday to Friday, 8 am to 10 pm (Tokyo Time GMT+9)
Lesson length 50 minutes / 1 lesson
Method of communication Zoom
Materials Textbooks on the market specified (Please prepare)
Recording Video recording of the lesson allowed
Cancellation Available until 6 pm (GMT+9) of the day before the lesson
Method of payment PayPal
Expiration Valid for 2 months after payment


Q Are the lessons conducted in Japanese?
Lessons will be facilitated in English, especially during the beginner level. As the level increases, the progression will shift to Japanese, but it is also possible to progress in English. Please let your teacher know your requests.
Q Can I use my textbooks?
Lessons will be offered using specified textbooks on the market.
Q Can I attend lessons without preparing for them?
For efficient learning, beforehand preparation is required in order to follow the lessons. The preparatory materials are explained in English for easy understanding, so please go through them before attending lessons.
Q Can I take classes without a webcam?
To make the lesson more effective, we ask that you bring a webcam and turn on it.
Q How do I book my lessons?
When interviewing for the free trial lessons, please tell us your preferred days and times for lessons so we can assign an available teacher. Once the course starts, the lessons are provided by the one teacher in charge on a set day and time according to the curriculum and lesson schedules for you.
Q Can I cancel a lesson I already booked if I am unable to attend?
Yes, but please notify us by email until 6 pm of the day before the lesson (Tokyo Time GMT+9). Should you notify us later than that, we reserve the right to treat that lesson as taken.
Q Can I choose my teachers?
During the free trial lesson, you can choose the teacher you would like to take. However, all our teachers' lessons meet Akira's quality standards, so there is no significant difference in quality from one teacher to another.
Q Can I change teachers?
You may request a teacher change after you have used all the lesson rights you have purchased according to the monthly plan.
Q Can I take lessons every other week?
We're very sorry. To improve your skills efficiently, we request our learners to take lessons at least once a week.
Q Can I have my child take lessons?
Unfortunately we only offer lessons for adults now because, according to the SLA, adults and children have different mechanisms of language acquisition.
Q When should I pay my tuition fees?
After the free trial lesson, an invoice will be sent to those who wish to continue taking classes. Thereafter, we will send you an invoice each time you have exhausted the rights to the lessons you have purchased according to the monthly plan.
Q Can I pay in installments?
After paying via PayPal, you may request that your credit card company pay by installments.

Free Trial

You may take up to 2 trial lessons, so take this chance to experience Akira’s lessons for yourself.

  • Step 1

    Interview (30 min)

    After understanding your requests and conducting a quick level check of your Japanese, we will explain the points of learning.

  • Step 2

    Free trial (2 lessons)

    Through the cycle of “SLA-based preparation → lesson → review”, you should be able to experience the effects of learning.

  • Step 3


    After sorting the results from the free trial, we will suggest a learning strategy formulated especially for you.


Japanese Level
Number of lessons per week

Preferred Schedule for Interview

We offer interview & level check between 8 am to 10 pm on weekdays (Tokyo Time GMT+9).

Schedule 1
anytime between
Schedule 2
anytime between



Our brand name, "Akira", carries the meaning of “sunlight” in Japanese.
Therefore, like our namesake, we’d like to brighten your life in TOKYO
by helping you with your conversations in Japanese.

CEO, Akira Fujisaki

Certificate Japanese language teacher, Akira FUJISAKI

I graduated of the University of Tokyo, majoring in education.
Upon graduation, I initially pursued a career in marketing.

However, in 2011,
I came across "education in Japanese" and
decided to focus once more on education.

I hope to support you in learning Japanese.


Tokyo Weekender


Akira Online Japanese School TOKYO is located in Minato-ku, Central Tokyo.
It’s only a one-minute walk away from Azabu-Juban Station.

  • Akira Online Japanese School TOKYO

    Operating Company Fujisaki, LLC
    Venue 1-2-7-701, Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045
    Email info@akiraojs.tokyo
    (Hours : Mon-Fri 10 am-6 pm)